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Rescue Animals in Napa Valley

Spring in Sonoma

During late spring-early summer in Sonoma and Napa Valleys, we rejoice in the warmth of the sunshine and step into the vineyards or onto a path for a walk.  Winter has passed, our gardens are full with roses, and the air is fresh and clean.

This year, to celebrate those who work to help animals, four of my paintings will be going to auction in Napa Valley at the Jameson Humane animal rescue Wineapawlooza event.

My visit to the Jameson Humane ranch earlier this spring inspired me to paint their beautiful animals en plein air.  I hope that you are able to participate in this auction, which will be filled with exquisite wine and will help provide them the ability to support thousands of animals each year.

Here are my paintings.

Resting from left: Delilah, Duke, Willy, Tulip, Poppy

This was a special moment at the ranch; the pigs were in the shed dozing, Willy the cow sauntered over, laying his large body down with the pigs with ease. Everyone was fully accepting of the closeness; only a few slight adjustments needed to accommodate this new form. The others, too large for the shed, lowered themselves to the earth, gently melting into the warm afternoon light.


Jameson Humane co-founder Monica Stevens was my inspiration for these paintings of some of their rescued residents. It was my hope that I could portray, on canvas with oil paint, some of the compassion and caring that she, the staff, and the volunteers shower onto these rescued animals each day.

What I saw on my first visit to the ranch were cows living in harmony with pigs, and sheep wandering casually in their paddock–unique personalities and relationships between very large and very small animals. There was a spirit of grace in the air that had to come to these creatures after troubled times past.

Each pair of eyes revealed curiosity when I looked closely at them, and each in turn looked closely at me. They moved nearer to me, such that I could fully see them; hopefully you may visit them here as well, resting in peaceful companionship.

Each canvas were painted at the ranch using 100% cotton on wood stretcher bars. The frames were custom made for me of the highest quality wood by a framer. Similar frames can be found in museums worldwide. All supplies are completely vegan.

Please visit me at Arader Galleries on Main Street in Saint Helena. On weekends, you will find me amongst the maps, Audubon’s, and glorious art pieces depicting animals, birds, maps, architectural drawings, botanicals and much more.

I wish you much rest and a peace-filled summer.